Environmental Impacts On Reproductive Health And Fertility

Environmental Impacts On Reproductive Health And Fertility

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many reproductive and developmental health problems are caused by exposure to chemicals that are widely dispersed in our environment these problems include infertility miscarriage poor pregnancy outcomes abnormal fetal development early puberty endometriosis and diseases and cancers of reproductive organs in the 1990s the syngenta corporation funded dr tyrone hayes of uc berkeley to study the environmental impacts of atrazine when dr hayes discovered ovaries growing in the testes of male frogs raised in atrazine contaminated water syngenta refused to let him publish his findings if you are giving a presentation about an environmental health topic or just looking for general information about environmental health research or the institute this page will help about pehsu we are an interconnected system of specialists located throughout north america who respond to questions from public health professionals clinicians policy makers and the public about the impacts of environmental factors on the health of children and reproductive age adults n b this list includes monographs produced by the national environmental health forum which enhealth has replaced where stated hard copies of environmental health publications can be ordered from national mail and marketing health nationalmailing au phone 02 6269 1000 or fax 02 6260 2770 quoting the env number